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NewborhoodTalks Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Terms last updated July 1st, 2022

NewborhoodTalks Affiliate bonus is a simple 2 level affliate program to reward our users when they refer their friends. The purpose is to encourage more engagement on the platform and get users talking about NewborhoodTalks!

Only real people may participate in the program, and only confirmed referrals will be counted. NewborhoodTalks reserves the right to discountinue the program at any time.

All attempts to trick the system will result in voiding the Affiliate agreement and no funds will be paid. That user will be banned from the platform for life.



Once accepted, an affiliate must qualify to earn the affiliate bonus.

  • An affiliate must post on the platform NewborhoodTalks for seven (7) consecutive days to unlock any accumulated payment

How referals are counted

  • Affilates can earn up to $100USD for their confirmed referrals. Confirmed referrals meet the following criteria:
    1. Be referred by said affiliate
    2. Have confirmed their email address (they might need to check their spam
    3. Have personalized their avatar
    4. Have thanked the person referring them with a picture post on the platform
  • Referrals are counted from the first day of the 7 consecutive days of posting
    • If an affiliate misses a day of posting, he/she/they can start their qualification period again.
    • All referrals before this new qualification are considered lost and will not count toward compensation or payment


Affilates can earn up to a maximum of $100USD

  • A qualified affiliate will earn $0.75USD for each confirmed referral they personnally refer
  • A qualified affiliate will earn $0.23USD for each confirmed referral on their 2nd level


All payments are made through Paypal. An affiliate must have a valid Paypal account to participate.

  • Payments will be made on the 15th of each month
  • Affiliates are paid only when their owing balance is $50USD or greater.

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